April PS5 update will let users stash games in external storage

M.2 support is still forthcoming

Video games can take up some memory storage space, and right now, the PlayStation 5’s internal storage is your only option for the console. A new update coming this month is trying to make the storage shuffle experience a little easier.

Starting tomorrow, the PlayStation 5 will be able to transfer PS5 games to USB extended storage from its internal storage, much like it can do with PlayStation 4 games. This will let games move back and forth between the drives, but as the PlayStation Blog notes, PS5 games won’t be playable off extended storage.

Though it will be faster to reinstall games from USB extended storage rather than re-downloading or copying from disc, you’ll still need to move a game back over to the internal storage when you want to play it. PS5 games also can’t be directly downloaded to external storage, although they can automatically update when applicable.

Sony confirms that support for expanded storage through M.2 drives is still being worked on, but it doesn’t offer any update aside from it still being on the way.

A few other quality-of-life updates to aspects like in-game chat and the PS5 user interface are on the way, as well as pre-downloads for title updates to games, so the console can grab the latest versions of games while in rest mode.

They’re some nice features, though I’m really waiting on an actual storage expansion solution. Games this generation aren’t getting any smaller, and right now I’ve just got the internal storage of my PlayStation 5 to work with. Once big games like Returnal and Deathloop start hitting, things might get dicey. Hopefully that M.2 update isn’t too far off.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter