Another 999 My Nintendo coins are up for grabs in Tetris 99 this weekend

If only I could earn them

Nintendo will be hosting the fourth Tetris 99 “Maximus Cup” this weekend with another 999 Gold My Nintendo coins up for grabs. Much like the previous tourneys that featured them, players simply need to compete during the allotted time and accrue points for a shot at the prize. This current cup will be going from 12 am PST on June 21 until 11:59 pm PST on June 23 and the reward will be handed out to the top 999 players that play. You don’t need to have the most wins, just the highest point total overall.

While I was more partial to the unlockable gameplay theme from the last cup, I can’t say that free money is a bad incentive to play. I’ll likely never win that gold, but playing Tetris 99 is its own reward. If you happen to find me online, please don’t dogpile me. Life is hard enough and I don’t need a bazillion blocks landing on me.

Tetris 99 ‘4th Maximus Cup’ online event begins June 21 [Gematsu]

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