Anno 1800 will be a nice blast from the past

Coming to PC in ‘Winter 2018’

Fans of the city-building Anno series who prefer the older games to the last few future-set installments will be pleased to know that the next title is Anno 1800. We’re headed for the 19th century, baby!

Even if you don’t care much for Anno, this announcement trailer has a pleasant calming effect.

Ubisoft Blue Byte plans to incorporate community feedback into Anno 1800 with opportunities to vote on features, “create content,” and partake in play tests. Right now, there’s a poll open for NPCs.

I’m thinking The Occultist should make the cut. Exhibit A: “Her army of acolytes seem bewitched, letting no one and no thing obstruct their leader. They say it is Morel’s destiny to set loose universal mysteries – for good or ill – and in doing so, change humankind forever.” (There is no Exhibit B.)

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