Anglican Church forgives Sony (they sorta have to)

In a positively Christ-like move, the Manchester Cathedral portrayed in Sony’s controversy-as-a-sales-tool FPS Resistance has publicly forgiven Sony according to this piece at Games Industry dot Biz.

The Church’s forgiveness, while certainly in line with their teachings, seems a bit backhanded. Take a look: 

“I think some important lessons have been learnt,” said the Dean of Manchester, speaking to the BBC. “So we forgive Sony for what they have done, even though they still believe they have done no wrong.”

“In an industry that is breaking new frontiers, it is important that long held traditions of film and television are maintained. These traditions include having courtesy, respecting the dignity of your subject, and admitting when mistakes have been made,” he said.

“In so many ways Sony have failed to live up to these standards by disrespecting people of faith and the victims of gun crime in Manchester,” he added.

As he states, Sony maintains they have never sinned — also like Christ — but the Church seems rather adamant about their forgiveness. I’m sure this is the last we’ll hear of this whole controversy, but there’s a part of me hoping Sony somehow escalates things even further with their infamous pride, and I finally get a chance to coin the term “militant forgiveness”.

You have no idea how long I’ve been sitting on that gem.

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