Angel Love Online is the first free MMO on PS3, cute strikes again

Come on, you knew it was coming. I am working hard make myself the Offical Destructoid Ambassador of Cute Things, so you know if it’s sickeningly sweet, I’m already working hard to bring it to you fine folks for your praise or ridicule. Angel Love Online is releasing in December as the PS3’s first free MMO, already having found popularity as a free PC download. It seems ideal for anime enthusiasts, as the story places you in the role of an angel protector. 

Angel Love Online seems like a surprising new direction for Q’s Entertainment after the successes of Lumines and Meteos, but regardless of whether the look of the title nauseates or delights you, its arrival will likely pave the way for other MMOs to come to the system as well. Considering it’s a Japanese title, you either won’t be bothered as your fellow players won’t speak english, or you’ll have people asking you if you like to be kicked in the balls during sex. I can’t wait to play it!

[Via IGN, thanks Golden Donut] 

Colette Bennett