And the name of Linux will not be spoken on Xbox Live’s hallowed ground

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Thou shalt have no other Gods before Microsoft, for it is a jealous God. This would seem to be the case with Xbox Live, as news is today coming in of people getting banned from Microsoft’s gaming service should the name of The ‘Soft’s rivals be spoken. Users who have gamertags bearing mention of Linux are being flagged for, hilariously, “inappropriate language.” Both gamertags and mottos with any variation of the word Linux in them get blacklisted. I don’t know if Microsoft will accept Linux Is Rubbish as a name though. Somebody should find out.

While it’s Microsoft’s service and I suppose they can do as they wish (their TOS clearly state you can be arbitrarily banned at Microsoft’s caprice, almost), I do have to say this is rather silly behaviour, if only because it makes MS look rather threatened. Are we scared of the big bad Linux? That’s how it appears if you’re as sarcastic as I am. Linux fans are going to have to go elsewhere to share their Operating System love, and do please beware if you’re called Mozilla Gorilla … you could be next.

Holy crap, Mozilla Gorilla would be an awesome Gamertag.

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