Analysts predict console Holiday sales, Blu-Ray could win in the end

Some solid analyzing over at Next Generation poses some interesting ideas for the upcoming holiday season and how console sales will fare. The big question is, Will a price drop to $399 for PS3 affect Nintendo and Microsoft’s sales? Here’s a snippet from one of the unconvinced Sony supporters:

Janco Partners’ Mike Hickey says Sony can only do what it can with what it’s got this holiday. “We don’t think there is really anything Sony can do beyond a dramatic price cut and a verbal outcry for PS3 Blu-ray buyers to turn the tide of their dismal holiday sales outlook relative to the Xbox 360,” he says rather bleakly. “[From a software standpoint,] consumers seem to be struggling with the ‘why pay considerably more for considerably less?’ purchasing dilemma. We are increasingly less confident Sony will show anything remotely remarkable on the PS3 for this holiday.”

I kind of feel like a douchebag disagreeing with an industry analyst, but I’m going to anyway. It seems to me that the price cut for PS3 should make a fairly large impact, Regardless of titles available, I think a lot of people would want to own one if they could afford to do so (for the Blu-Ray player alone.) The gamer focused on solid titles may not be convinced that the console has what he or she desires, but the PS2 has posed sufficient proof that Sony has what it takes to have one of the greatest libraries of all time. Could PS3 follow suit?

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Colette Bennett