An update on updates: Xbox One’s monthly updates will continue in 2015

But don’t expect anything in December

The Xbox One is a very different console than when it launched last November. Monthly updates to the user interface and operating system have made it significantly easier to navigate and have added a lot of requested features. Microsoft doesn’t plan on slowing that progress anytime soon.

Xbox head Phil Spencer said on Major Nelson’s podcast that “as [Microsoft] roll(s) into 2015, we definitely have a road map for monthly updates. When they’ll start up again, we’ll watch. We’re kind of working through the schedules on those things now, but it’s a commitment that we have as a platform team that we’ll continue monthly updates.”

While Microsoft’s been consistent in its monthly updates since February, they won’t be a priority come this December. “I expect [December] to be a time that we’re just going to make sure people are turning on consoles and the games are playing well and everything’s working great. That’s job number one for us,” Spencer commented. However, when the new year hits, expect the Xbox One platform to continue evolving.

Monthly Xbox One updates ‘to continue in 2015’ [CVG]

Brett Makedonski
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