Amnesia The Bunker is slightly delayed to June 6

Amnesia The Bunker delay

There’s another delay but at least it’s short

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The upcoming horror game Amnesia The Bunker has bee delayed once again. In a social media video Friday, the game’s creative lead Fredrik Olsson confirmed that the title will now release on June 6. It’s just two weeks, but this comes only days before its initial release time on May 16. Olsson explained the reason why there’s an Amnesia The Bunker delay.

Rare crashes plague Amnesia The Bunker

As Amnesia The Bunker has been going through the certification process, Olsson claimed on Twitter that they’ve found “multiple, rare crashes that are very difficult to identify, reproduce, and thereby also fix.” Olsson notes that they could’ve had the team work during weekends to make the release date, but he said that is not something they choose to do at the studio.

“Everything’s coming together so nicely,” Olsson said to fans. “We have the gameplay, the art, the animations, the atmosphere, the narrative, everything is coming together, and we are really ready to ship this out to the world.”

Amnesia The Bunker‘s original release window was March 2023. The first delay pushed it to May 16, but with this announcement, the horror title will now creep into fans’ homes on June 6. When it does arrive, players will be taken through a haunted bunker from World War 1. You’re playing as a soldier that’s been cut off from his battalion and has to face this creepy environment alone.

Olsson also confirmed that an Amnesia The Bunker demo will be released on Steam. No official demo release date is out, but the creative lead did say to keep an eye out for the timing.

Hopefully, this Amnesia The Bunker delay will be the last as it approaches its release on June 6. It will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. This may give you enough time to finish the Resident Evil 4 remake (or replay it on another difficulty).

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