Americana and Space Invaders collide

At first glance these Photoshopped images from Life Magazine are just kind of cool. Combining Space Invaders with American hunters looks pretty neat, but upon a moments reflection there’s something about them that gives them some sort of je ne sais quoi. You can’t really take your eyes away from them very easily they’re so well done. Does anyone else want to write a deconstructive essay on the decline of Americana caused by the study progression of technology because of these?

The artist behind these, Ryan Snieder, simply did both images for fun, but judging from the amount of hits he’s getting to his portfolio off of this I’m hoping that he’s going to pump out a few more. Notice the bonus ship in the background of the second photo, and while it’s mostly the original photographer’s doing, the use of negative space in the first photo works amazingly well with the 8bit invader the hunter is carrying. I’d love to see a full series in a gallery some time with giant Space Invader statues decorating the floor and something Rockewellian laying around. 

[Via GameSetWatch]

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