Amazon reveals the worst ‘best of’ list ever

In this time of ‘best of’ lists, Amazon has trumped all others by revealing what is perhaps the most depressing one I’ve ever seen. In its list of top gaming products, everything is Wii-related, and 50% of the list can’t even be rightly classified as a videogame.

Amazon used sales figures and buyer feedback to determine its list of the hottest “gaming” items this year, and I think it gives a clear indication of where this industry is headed:

  • Best-selling Product — Nintendo Wii
  • Most-Loved Product — Wii Fit
  • Most-Wished-For Product — Wii Fit
  • Most Popular Gift Product — Mario Kart Wii with Wii Wheel

I’d be more sad than I am, but in a world where American Idol is considered addictive programming, it’s not really a surprise. After all, this list was made by people stupid enough to feed credit cards to their Wii disc slots. What a time to be alive.

Jim Sterling