launches its own casual games store kicks off a new feature today with their Casual Games Store, which offers a large selection of downloadable games all priced at $9.99 or less. Gamasutra chatted with Greg Hart, Amazon’s vice-president of videogames and software, to find out more about their plans for the new store. Here’s what Greg had to say:

“We’re very excited to be entering this space … the intent of that [] purchase is what you’re going to see… to take their catalog of games… from companies across the casual game space, and offer them to our customers. We think that the demographic is a great fit for Amazon’s customer base.”

To celebrate the opening, Amazon is offering three full games for download for free: Jewel Quest II, Build-a-Lot, and The Scruffs. I admit that I don’t averagely play these kinds of games, but I have to admit that I was nearly seduced into doing so when I saw that the store was offering Mr Biscuits: Case of the Ocean Pearl for download. And by “nearly seduced”, I mean “laughed at the idiocy until I cried”.


Colette Bennett