Alt costumes in Street Fighter IV: Zangief wears Haggar pants!

We’re just a month away from the official release of Street Fighter IV. We’ve seen tons of footage and images of the game by now, but none of the media has ever been able to answer one very important question. Thanks to this latest video, we now know the answer. Yes, the Street Fighers will have wardrobe changes! Oh my gawd!

The alt costumes are a lot of hits and misses. For instance, Chun-Li’s alt costume is awesome. Akuma’s alt costume, though, isn’t so hot. Which ones do you like or hate?

Easily my favorite of all the alt costumes belongs to Zangeif. Is Capcom hinting at a new Final Fight perhaps? Or maybe Capcom just has a big of a hard on for Mike Haggar as we do. We have longed believed that Mike Haggar and Zangief are long lost brothers and I think this video proves our theory.

Mmmm, mustache.

[Via Capcom-Unity]

Hamza Aziz