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All romance options in Persona 3 Reload

Who among Persona 3's cast steals your heart?

As with many entries in the Persona series, Persona 3 Reload allows the player to romance various characters. It’s as much a series staple as dungeon crawling is since it’s a sizable part of the social sim element.

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Here I’ll list all the eligible bachelorettes the protagonist can woo with his emo-boy vibes. I’ll also specify the requirements needed to access them in the first place. The option to romance any of them comes during their ninth Social Link and can be turned down to keep the relationship platonic.

Chihiro Fushimi, the Treasurer for Gekkoukan High’s student council in Persona 3 Reload.
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Chihiro Fushimi

Chihiro Fushimi is Treasurer for Gekkoukan High’s student council and is a fairly shy individual whose story revolves around overcoming her social anxiety. She serves as Persona 3’s Justice Arcana and is potentially one of the earliest romances.

To unlock her social link, players need to join the student council after receiving an invitation from Mitsuru to join on April 27th. Attending meetings progresses the Emperor Social Link with Hidetoshi Odagiri, but you only need to start it to unlock Chihiro’s. This means her story can start as soon as April 28th if desired.

Romanceable character Fuuka Yamagishi
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Fuuka Yamagishi

Fuuka is one of the several people recruited into SEES during Persona 3’s runtime. She’s the only SEES member who doesn’t directly fight enemies and instead takes on the navigator role to give players relevant information in combat or exploration. She struggles with confidence and asserting herself like Chihiro but is among Persona 3’s core cast.

Her Social Link, the Priestess, only becomes available after beginning the Fortune Social Link with Keisuke Hiraga. The latter only opens up on June 17th, but chances are you will start Fuuka’s story way later.

Another requirement to begin Fuuka’s Social Link is having your Courage stat at the max rank. It takes a decent chunk of the game to reach max rank with any social stat, so Courage is the one to grind if you want to begin Fuuka’s story.

Mitsuru Kirijo, a romanceable teammate in Persona 3 Reload
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Mitsuru Kirijo

Mitsuru’s one of SEES original members, joining years before Persona 3 begins. She’s the heir to the prestigious Kirijo Group funding SEES and acts as the party’s Navigator before Fuuka joins.

While she’s generally confident, she is struggling with her resolve by the time her Social Link unlocks. Misturu has the Empress Social Link and can only begin on November 21st.

There aren’t any other Social Link prerequisites, but the player’s Academics stat needs to be at max level. Assuming players put some focus on raising Academics, there’s a decent chance it’ll already be there by November 21.

Romance option Yukari Takeba, who serves as a member of SEES alongside the main cast
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Yukari Takeba

Yukari Takeba is among the first people to join the protagonist’s party in Persona 3 Reload and arguably has one of the stronger narrative connections to him. Losing her father in the same incident that claimed the protagonist’s parents forms an immediate connection since they relate to the grief. Beyond her loss, Yukari is a popular student at Gekkoukan and a school archery team member.

Of any character to romance, Yukari is a fairly easy choice to make. Even if her Social Link, the Lovers, doesn’t unlock until July 22, she and the protagonist share chemistry in the main story. Their grief does tie them together, and scenes such as him consoling Yukari on the Yakushima beach at night are among Persona 3’s most intimate.

As with most other romancable party members, there is a stat requirement to begin Yukari’s Social Link. With her, the Charm stat needs to be at max level, meaning her story will likely begin toward the game’s ending.

Yuko Nishiwaki, the high school track team manager
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Yuko Nishiwaki

Yuko and Chihiro are pretty much in the same boat as romance options that open just after Persona 3’s starting hours. They are practically opposites beyond this since Yuko has more confidence in herself as Team Manager for Gekkoukan’s Track Team.

Her arcana is Strength and can begin as soon as April 23. The only requirement for starting it is progressing a couple of ranks in the Chariot Social Link with Kazushi, with either the player or Yuko herself asking to hang out after practice.

Aigis in a Persona 3 Reload cutscene, she's one of several romance options
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Everyone’s favorite bi robot is still a romance option in Persona 3 Reload. Aigis also has the least amount of requirements for romance, but there’s a catch. It doesn’t begin until there are only a couple of hours left in this 60+ hour game.

Aigis has the Aeon Social Link, and it doesn’t potentially start until January 9. With only some weeks before the game ends, there’s a decent chance the protagonist has already gotten with someone else before bonding with Aigis. Not that it matters since there are no consequences to dating multiple people in Reload.

Elizabeth on a date with the main character in Persona 3 Reload
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Velvet Room Attendant Elizabeth’s romance is Persona 3’s most unique since there’s no Social Link associated. Her storyline progression only ties into the number of her requests completed alongside dates to take her out on.

These dates have players show Elizabeth some part of the outside world after filling out a certain number of requests. She’ll only admit how she feels toward the protagonist on the final date taking place in his room.

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