All Rifts are offline right now as Oculus scrambles to fix the problem

An expired security certificate is to blame

There’s no virtual reality to escape from real reality today — at least not for Oculus Rift owners. Every Rift has been offline for the past few hours because of an interesting mistake on Oculus’ end.

According to an update from Oculus, a lapsed security certificate is the cause for the unplanned downtime. It seems as if it simply wasn’t renewed when it should’ve been. This is preventing all of the headsets from connecting to the runtime service, effectively keeping them offline.

In the meantime, users on reddit have found an easy and imperfect solution. Setting your PC’s date backward by a day at the system level will cause the certificate to think it’s still active. However, this could easily cause conflicts with certificates for other programs and that could snowball into a whole mess of problems for you. It’s probably not recommended unless you really really need to do some VR stuff immediately.

A widespread outage is certainly a priority for Oculus, so Rifts should be back up and running as soon as they possibly can. For now, it’s just a quirky inconvenience because of an odd oversight.

Oculus Runtime Services — Current Status [Oculus]

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