All playable Sonic Superstars characters

Tails’ as adorable as ever.

Knuckles is one of the Sonic Superstars characters

Were you expecting “friends of Sonic?!” Amazingly, all of the playable Sonic Superstars characters are beloved by the fanbase. They each have their own abilities to add to the platformer as well! For example, Tails can still fly, and use his abilities in four player co-op. Here are all of the playable Sonic Superstars characters.

All confirmed Sonic Superstars characters

At this point in time, we know there are four playable Sonic Superstars characters. They include Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. The neat thing is that you can play as all four at the same time through co-op, and it works similarly to how the New Super Mario Bros. series and the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder operate.

Hopefully, it won’t be too chaotic in Sonic Superstars with the high-speed action and tricky platforming puzzles in store for these heroes.

New heroes might be added

If you take a look at the menu screen for Sonic Superstars‘ show floor demo, you’ll see an awkward empty space to the top right of the screen. There could be at least one character, perhaps even two, that could become playable if we look at the picture screenshotted from GamingTrend’s YouTube channel.

One of the antagonists could also switch sides in the middle of the adventure; or a cult-favorite Sonic character Fang might join the roster. There’s also Trip, a new villain that’s clumsy and has some heavy metal armor covering her face. If you want to ask my opinion, I think the latter is more likely as a new playable character for the series. This is just speculation, but the sky is the limit for the Sonic series: anything weird can and will happen.

Knuckles and Sonic weren’t the best of friends when they first met in Sonic 3 & Knuckles either. Now they have each others’ back.

We’ll likely find out more about Trip when Sonic Superstars releases on October 16.

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