All playable characters in Honkai: Star Rail, listed

Honkai Star Rail

Here’s everyone that can party up

Honkai: Star Rail has many different fighters you can add to the Trailblazer’s travelling crew. From snipers to scrappers, everyone’s got their own talents they bring to the table.

Still, with how many different options there are, it can be hard to keep track. Not to fret, though: we’re compiling a list here of everyone you can add to your team.

We’ll sort them out by updates and make note of when new characters are added over time. Considering Honkai: Star Rail is a live service free-to-play game, similar to Genshin Impact and others, you can absolutely expect more characters to arrive after launch.

For newcomers, there’s some terminology to cover:

  • Paths are attributes that are roughly similar to classes. Those like Destruction, Hunt, and Erudition are more damage-oriented, while Abundance, Preservation, Harmony, and Nihility are on the support side.
  • Elements give characters particular debuffs or effects they can apply. These are Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Physical, Imaginary, and Quantum.
  • Stars determine rarity. Four-star characters are more common, while five-star characters are considered rarer and, sometimes, of higher value.

All playable characters confirmed so far – April 2023

Name Path Element Rarity
Trailblazer Adaptive Adaptive 5-star
Arlan The Destruction Lightning 4-star
Asta The Harmony Fire 4-star
Bailu The Abundance Lightning 5-star
Blade The Destruction Wind 5-star
Bronya The Harmony Wind 5-star
Clara The Destruction Physical 5-star
Dan Heng The Hunt Wind 4-star
Fu Xuan The Preservation Quantum 5-star
Gepard The Preservation Ice 5-star
Herta The Erudition Ice 4-star
Himeko The Erudition Fire 5-star
Hook The Destruction Fire 4-star
Jing Yuan The Erudition Lightning 5-star
Kafka The Nihility Lightning 5-star
Luocha The Abundance Imaginary 5-star
March 7th The Preservation Ice 4-star
Natasha The Abundance Physical 4-star
Pela The Nihility Ice 4-star
Qingque The Erudition Quantum 4-star
Sampo The Nihility Wind 4-star
Seele The Hunt Quantum 5-star
Serval The Erudition Lightning 4-star
Silver Wolf The Nihility Quantum 5-star
Sushang The Hunt Physical 4-star
Tingyun The Harmony Lightning 4-star
Welt The Nihility Imaginary 5-star
Yanqing The Hunt Ice 5-star

Keep an eye here for more Honkai: Star Rail characters as they’re added.

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