All of Halo 5’s pre-order bonuses will be unlockable through gameplay

That’s a nice change of pace

We’ve gotten used to a certain routine with regard to pre-order bonuses. Typically, they’ll be made available weeks or months after release for a nominal fee. For those who are content to wait even longer, it’s usually all included with the inevitable “Game of the Year” edition.

Halo 5: Guardians bucks that trend. To nab all the pre-order bonuses, all you have to do is play the game. 343 Industries studio head Josh Holmes took to Twitter to explain the process. “ALL unlockable content can be earned by everyone. Pre-order just guarantees you have it out of box. No need to earn/unlock in game,” he said.

It’s a reasonable course to take regarding bonuses. Reward the real early adopters with that rush from having the perks early, but don’t punish the more reserved. Make them earn their goodies — something that a fair contingent of video game players would rather do in the first place, anyway.

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