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Lifeweaver is a glamorous scientist in Overwatch 2 that has plenty of fashion sense. All of the Lifeweaver hero skins in the game look fabulous, including his formal Regent look and the multiple colors for his default outfit. He definitely stands apart from the other characters in the game. Here are all of the Lifeweaver hero skins in Overwatch 2 and how to get them.

All of the Lifeweaver hero skins you can get in Overwatch 2

As of the time of writing, there are eight Lifeweaver hero skins you’ll be able to equip in Overwatch 2. They include the default skin and the following:


Regent Lifeweaver hero skin Overwatch 2
Screenshot by Destructoid

This immaculate Lifeweaver outfit has him wearing formal attire. His boots are white with gold trim, and the lotus on his back is blue. Regardless, it costs you 1,900 Overwatch coins, which is pretty pricey!


Sovereign Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver
Screenshot by Destructoid

The Sovereign Lifesaver hero skin retains the formal attire of the Regent but differs in color. The old-fashioned hair is arguably more noticeable in white, and the jacket is green and orange instead of blue and pink/red. The lotus behind Lifeweaver is also orange. I prefer this look to the Regent as the colors are arguably more pronounced. This skin costs you 1,900 Overwatch CoinsGet that wallet ready.

Phi Ta Khon

Phi Ta Khon Lifeweaver hero skin Overwatch 2
Screenshot by Destructoid

This skin is the most ornate out of all of Lifeweaver’s outfits so far. His costume takes its inspiration from an annual event called Phi Ta Khon in Dan Sei, Thailand. During this festival, participants dress up as ghosts while playing a series of games and inviting the spirit of the Mun River to protect them. There are also gold beads around his neck. The shorts are also thrilly and likely a reference to the dancers’ outfits during the festivities. You’ll need to unlock this during the Season 4 Battle Pass. If you missed it, hopefully, you’ll likely get another chance of grabbing it in exchange for Overwatch Coins.


Amsonia Lifeweaver skin
Screenshot by Destructoid

This is a teal blue version of the standard Overwatch 2 outfit. You’ll have to spend 300 Credits to unlock the Amsonia style.


Hydrangea Lifeweaver Overwatch 2
Screenshot by Destructoid

This is a lime-like green color version of the normal Overwatch 2 outfit. It runs you 300 Credits.


Magnolia Lifeweaver hero skins Overwatch 2
Screenshot by Destructoid

This black, yellow, and white take on the original outfit looks slick. Honestly, it’s one of the best Lifeweaver hero skins. It costs 300 Credits.


Lifeweaver hero skins Orchid
Screenshot by Destructoid

The last Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver hero skin available currently is Orchid. It’s a mix or pink, purple, and white. The Orchid skin costs 300 Credits.

How much are Overwatch Coins?

If you want to get 1,900 Overwatch Coins for the Regent and Sovereign hero skins, you’ll need to pay for 2,200. For that amount, it’s $19.99. You can earn Credits through the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass.

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