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All Destiny 2 raids in release order – Listed

Learn the full timeline of Destiny 2's raid releases.

Since its debut in 2017, Destiny 2 has featured over a dozen unique Raids, showcasing the pinnacle of its endgame content. These challenging missions require fireteams of up to six players to face threats across the Solar System and beyond. Here are all Destiny 2 Raids in order of release.

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All Destiny 2 Raids in the order of release

Not all of Destiny 2‘s Raids are available in the game at the time of writing this article. As part of the game’s Beyond Light DLC, many of them were sunset and cut from Destiny 2‘s roster of available content.

The list featured here summarizes all Destiny 2 raids in order – both available and not – giving you a glimpse of all the different adventures Guardians have gone on since 2017.

#1: Leviathan – September 13, 2017

The Leviathan from Destiny 2, specifically the two suns that the vessel uses for power.
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Destiny 2‘s first proper Raid was the Leviathan: an immense planet-eating vessel housing the exiled Cabal Emperor Calus. While Calus would, eventually, go on to become one of the Witness’s disciples, in the years before the events of Lightfall, Calus was either ambivalent or outright entertained by Guardians and their antics. The Leviathan Raid was, therefore, a gauntlet of festivities where a mechanical Calus stand-in served as the final boss fight. The Leviathan was sunset on November 10, 2020.

#2: Leviathan: Eater of Worlds – December 5, 2017

Destiny 2's ancient Vex builder proxies.
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Rather than releasing full-fledged Raids, Bungie decided that the first year of Destiny 2‘s post-launch content would offer Raid Lairs instead, the first of which was the Eater of Worlds. Eater of Worlds had Calus send the Guardians on a mad romp through the Leviathan to destroy the Vex mind that got lodged inside the vessel’s planet-eating systems. Relatively short and simple compared to the Leviathan proper, the Eater of Worlds, too, was sunset on November 10, 2020.

#3: Leviathan: Spire of Stars – May 8, 2018

A traversal encounter image from the Spire of Stars raid lair.
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The second and more-or-less final Leviathan Raid Lair was the Spire of Stars, where Calus once more called upon the Guardians for assistance. This time, however, the threat was Cabal: a Red Legion strike crew led by Val Ca’uor was trying to hunt Calus down for the glory of the Legion. The Guardians, however, saw to it that Ca’uor never had the chance to put his grubby paws on Calus. Much like the other Leviathan Raids, the Spire of Stars, too, was sunset on November 10, 2020.

#4: Last Wish – September 14, 2018

The first boss from Destiny 2's The Last Wish raid.
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The grand finale to the campaign of the Forsaken DLC was the Last Wish raid. Easily one of the most complex and engaging pieces of content Bungie has ever produced, the Last Wish features a huge array of exciting mechanics overlapping one another, with an equally immense list of secrets for players to pursue. The final encounter and the ensuing fight against the last wish dragon, Riven, is an unforgettable experience that some feel is yet to be superseded.

#5: Scourge of the Past – December 7, 2018

Scourge of the Past Destiny 2 Raid
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Another piece of content that got sunset on November 10, 2020, was the Scourge of the Past Raid. Simple, fast, fun, and with loads of good loot, Scourge was the pinnacle of Destiny 2: Forsaken‘s seasonal offerings, having been released as part of the Black Armory content drop. Scourge featured an unlikely rogue Eliksni, later known as Eramis, Kell of Darkness, as she and her group tried to set off a nuclear weapon within the walls of the Last City.

#6: Leviathan: Crown of Sorrow – June 4, 2019

A screenshot depicting the Crown of Sorrow from Destiny 2.
Image via Bungie

The final Raid to have been sunset on November 10, 2020 was the Crown of Sorrow. Though this Raid isn’t a Lair, it does take place aboard the Leviathan, where a special Cabal clone, Gahlran, fell to the influence of the titular Crown, suddenly taking over as the new leader of a horde of Hive trapped aboard the Leviathan. Gahlran, however, turned against Calus at the behest of Savathun, and it fell upon the Guardians to take the mutant down.

#7: Garden of Salvation – October 5, 2019

A striking screenshot from the Garden of Salvation raid from Destiny 2.
Image via Bungie

The Garden of Salvation took Guardians back to the Black Garden for the first time since the days of the original Destiny. As the key highlight of the Shadowkeep DLC, Garden of Salvation pitted Guardians against the Darkness-worshipping Sol Divisive Vex, who have taken to defending a mysterious Darkness beacon that activated after the events of the DLC’s campaign mode. The events of Garden of Salvation would introduce the creature wielding the Darkness, the so-called Witness, making this Raid particularly important lore-wise.

#8: Deep Stone Crypt – November 21, 2020

One of the Exo-Fallen bosses from Destiny 2: Deep Stone Crypt.
Image via Bungie

In Deep Stone Crypt, Eramis returns as the leader of the Eliksni House of Darkness. Though the Guardians dismantled many of her lieutenants during the Beyond Light campaign, some stuck around to mount an assault on Clovis Bray’s Exo-cloning facility, the Deep Stone Crypt. This leads to a final showdown against Exo Fallen and the infamous Guardian killer Taniks. This Raid is remarkably scenic and fun, with solid loot and a great variety of mechanics on show.

#9: Vault of Glass (Reprised) – May 22, 2021

The introductory encounter of the Vault of Glass raid.
Image via Bungie

The first proper reprised Raid from Destiny 1 was, appropriately enough, the first Destiny Raid ever released: Vault of Glass. This iconic piece of content came to Destiny 2 in a revised and updated format, with improved encounters, better loot, and the super-rare Vex Mythoclast Exotic weapon. Even today, the Vault of Glass is still one of Destiny 2‘s best Raids and a must-play experience for newbies and veterans alike.

#10: Vow of the Disciple – March 5, 2022

A screenshot of the immense Darkness-infused swamp from the Vow of the Disciple raid in Destiny 2.
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The Vow of the Disciple sent Guardians on a trudge through the marshes of Savathun’s Throne World, where the Hive God of treachery somehow managed to disable an actual Darkness Pyramid. Inside, however, was Rhulk, the First Disciple: a vicious, genocidal monster hell-bent on helping the Witness enact its Final Shape. Setting all these proper nouns aside, though, the Vow of the Disciple is a thrilling Raid that exposes players to the truth behind the Darkness for the first time.

#11: King’s Fall (Reprised) – September 18, 2022

An encounter picture from Destiny 2's King's Fall raid.
Image via Bungie

King’s Fall is the second reprised Destiny 1 Raid coming to Destiny 2. This is, in essence, the story of how Hive God Oryx met his proverbial maker at the hands of six god-killing Guardians. The Raid is, for the most part, extremely true to its original version, though some specifics differ due to Destiny 2‘s different meta and gear availability. Much like the Vault of Glass, King’s Fall is a true-to-form revival of a key piece of Destiny content.

#12: Root of Nightmares – March 10, 2023

Root of Nightmares splash image, depicting the intermingling of Light and Dark in a Pyramid.
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The Root of Nightmares pits Guardians against the second Darkness Disciple, Nezarec. The trick this time, though, is that the Traveler itself infests Nezarec’s pyramid with strange Light growths that end up empowering the Disciple itself. Though the Raid itself is rather fun and engaging, not everyone will be a fan of the mutated weaponry and armor that drops here.

#13: Crota’s End (Reprised) – September 1, 2023

Crota's End splash image, featuring a fireteam of experienced Guardians.
Image via Bungie

Crota’s End is the third Destiny Raid reprisal to have come out in Destiny 2, and though veteran players did know what they were getting into, it was still a remarkably difficult raid to get through. In fact, Destiny Raid Report claims that Crota’s End’s Challenge Mode has the lowest day-one completion rate since the Garden of Salvation came out. The good news, though, is that Bungie has since tuned its difficulty to a more manageable level, making it a welcome addition to the game’s Raid roster.

#14: Salvation’s Edge – June 7, 2024

Destiny 2: The Final Shape's splash image featuring the Guardians and the Witness's face.
Image via Bungie

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Raid represents the first time that Bungie has decided to tie a Raid so thoroughly with the main campaign of a DLC. Notably, Salvation’s Edge is chronologically the second-to-last mission that the Guardians complete before actually destroying the Witness once and for all in an epic matchmade 12-man confrontation. It tracks, then, that this particular raid is one of the hardest we’ve seen yet. Only one fireteam managed to complete Salvation’s Edge in the first 24 hours of its release, which illustrates its sheer challenge quite well. Overall, a stellar conclusion of the Light and Dark saga, and a Raid that’s bound to be considered one of Bungie’s best.

That summarizes all of Destiny 2‘s Raids in the order of their release!

All Currently Available Raids in Destiny 2

If you are not only looking for Destiny 2 raids in order but also for the ones that you can play today, here are all the Destiny 2 raids available at the time of writing:

Last WishForsakenA complex and engaging raid concluding the Forsaken campaign, featuring a fight against the wish dragon Riven.
Garden of SalvationShadowkeepGuardians return to the Black Garden to battle the Sol Divisive Vex defending a mysterious Darkness beacon.
Deep Stone CryptBeyond LightGuardians confront Eramis and her followers in the Deep Stone Crypt, Clovis Bray’s Exo-cloning facility.
Vault of Glass (Reprised)Season of the SplicerThe first reprised raid from Destiny 1, featuring improved encounters and the rare Vex Mythoclast weapon.
Vow of the DiscipleThe Witch QueenGuardians traverse Savathun’s Throne World to defeat Rhulk, the First Disciple, and uncover secrets of the Darkness.
King’s Fall (Reprised)Season of PlunderThe second reprised raid from Destiny 1, where Guardians defeat the Hive God Oryx.
Root of NightmaresLightfallGuardians battle Nezarec, the second Darkness Disciple, who is empowered by Light-infused growths.
Crota’s End (Reprised)Season of the WitchA challenging raid reprisal where Guardians face Crota, son of Oryx, with difficulty tuned to a more manageable level post-launch.

Naturally, Bungie is bound to keep producing Raids for as long as Destiny 2 is up and running, so this list will keep getting updates along the way, too. For the time being, however, that’s about all we’ve got. If you want to know more about raids, check our guide on all raid bosses in Destiny 2.

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