All aboard the Halo rapetrain: MS survey reveals ‘unique’ ideas

Customer surveys are just that — they are not confirmation of games in production, a window into the future or any indication that the ideas presented are little more than the results of 2 AM brainstorm sessions. They do, however, serve one important role — they confirm that someone, somewhere, dreamed up a “family friendly” Halo game.

Kotaku has uncovered a marketing survey that is intended to gauge interest in a variety of Halo spin-offs. Among the suggestions are a Halo MMO, LEGO Halo and a Halo racing game. Most ridiculous of all, however, is the aforementioned idea of a family-friendly Halo game. Cooking Mama Chief? I don’t know what they’re thinking.

If this survey indicates anything, it’s that Halo is definitely very much on Microsoft’s mind, and we can expect to see many, many more games in the franchise as time goes by. Would you play LEGO Halo?

James Stephanie Sterling