Aliens: Dark Descent brings strategic Xenomorph action in June

Nice of the Aliens to wait their turn

Focus Entertainment has announced that Aliens: Dark Descent, a new video game adaptation of the terrifying sci-fi series, will officially launch June 20 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

The new game, which was first announced during Summer Game Fest 2022, will see a squad of hardened marines taking on an infestation on the dark planet, Moon Lethe. Aliens: Dark Descent is a real-time strategy title and will task the player with efficiently equipping, maneuvering, and affording their troops with the tactical advantage over hordes of Warriors, Face Huggers, Queens, and, of course, the soul-sucking capitalism of Weyland-Yutani. XCOM in the Alien universe? Eh, more or less.

You can check out a new trailer below, courtesy of IGN.

As the trailer spotlights, Dark Descent is not just another bug hunt, as players will also have to ensure that their squad is well-trained, well-maintained, and afforded some of the greatest weaponry that researchers can provide. The Xenomorphs will almost always have the speed and number advantage, so the marines will have to play the field a little wiser — setting up traps, pinpointing enemy movement, and heading into battle well-equipped for the nightmare that lies ahead.

As we all know, the Alien franchise has had a real rollercoaster ride when it comes to video games, but I think the visuals here are looking pretty authentic, and it will be great to head into the acid-dripping universe from a perspective that isn’t first-person. There’s no sign of Lt. Vasquez, or Lynn Kurosawa for that matter, but this new take looks promising, and here’s hoping that it delivers come June.

But besides all of that, I only need to know one thing… Where they are.

Aliens: Dark Descent launches June 20 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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