Suda51 seemingly shuts down Grasshopper Manufacture ‘Alien’ rumor

grasshopper manufacture suda51 alien rumor

You secure that shit, Hudson

Rumors continue to circle Suda51’s Grasshopper Manufacture in regards to work on one, (or several), as-yet-unannounced horror titles — The latest tidbit floating through the airwaves was that the No More Heroes developer might be working on a new AAA title set within the Alien franchise.

However, this admittedly bizarre meeting of studio and franchise is seemingly untrue, or at least that’s the story from Goichi Suda himself. The esoteric game director responded to a tweet about the rumor with little more than a series of question marks — suggesting that if Grasshopper Manufacture were stepping into the iconic world of H.R. Giger’s extraterrestrial beings, then it was news to him.

Of course, the internet being the internet, this has not stopped die-hard fans from thinking that perhaps Suda is merely keeping the project under wraps, and that his tweet is a smoke screen to keep people guessing. Quite honestly, Grasshopper Manufacture seems a baffling choice of developer for 20th Century Fox to contact with an eye to adapting the famous film franchise, one would assume that it would choose a studio with a less stylistic and bespoke approach to game design.

Either way, you can’t blame the fans for being excited. Despite being almost custom designed for gaming, the Alien franchise has had a seriously hit-and-miss relationship with the medium over the decades — with perhaps its best offering being 2014’s Alien Isolation. It would be pretty fascinating to see what Suda and his crew could make of the franchise’s frightening and violent xenomorphic universe, but it seems that this particular rumor can be laid to rest.

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