Agent, are you ready for a ton of Crackdown 2 images?

Having spent some time with it, I can safely say that Ruffian Games’ Crackdown 2 is absolutely no joke. 

Everything you loved about the original is back, and amped up for the sequel. Plus mutants, four player co-op action, and a slew of slick new weapons. Basically, it’s exactly what fans of the original had been wanting for. What else could they need?

How about a ton of images, including screenshots, weapon art, and character art? Yeah, it’s a lot. Start browsing the gallery early, because you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Ruffian has also kicked off an art competition, which will allow you to get your work into Crackdown 2 as graffiti. You’re a talented, so give it a shot, eh?

Nick Chester