Against the Storm finally convinces me to pick it up with fox people and tea

Against the Storm Foxes

Sentinels of the Forest Update drops today

Despite its following and my love of city builders, I haven’t been paying much attention to Against the Storm. That changes today, as Hooded Horse has announced the latest update to Eremite Games’ Early Access settlement game.

The Sentinels of the Forest update expands Against the Storm with a new playable race of fox people (the fifth species in the game), as well as their faction-specific technologies. Apparently, the Foxes work with “rainwater-fueled technologies,” but most importantly, they make tea. There are both tea houses that can be built, as well as tea doctors, which heal people using the powers of tea.

Check out the new trailer below, courtesy of GameTrailers.

I also use tea to cure all my ills. Specifically, if I feel tired in the morning (which is every morning), I usually drink two pots of tea and follow it up with a nap. That usually gets me the energy I need to make it to lunch.

Against the Storm is a city builder that has you build to survive torrents of corrupting rain. Rather than focus on a single settlement, you work to connect a network of them with previous towns assisting newly built ones. It bills itself as a roguelite, where certain portions of your progress are carried over to new games, and “hundreds” of gameplay modifiers ensure that no two playthroughs are the same.

Damn. I’m going to have to check this out.

Against the Storm is currently in Early Access on PC. There’s a demo available if you’re curious. If everything is on track, the full release should come in a few months. The Sentinels of the Forest update hits today.

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