Activision’s bass are belong to you if you pre-order Guitar Hero IV in UK

If you love fake bass guitars, live in the UK and fancy pre-ordering the Guitar Hero World Tour “super bundle,” then all your fantasies are about to come true. Activision is offering a free official bass peripheral for any bundle pre-orders made at any retailer.

Activision’s UK and Ireland marketing boss David Tyler is calling the offer of a £50.00 bass “the biggest pre-order incentive the industry has ever seen.” Guitar Hero fans can pre-order the item from a store or online, and Activision will make sure you get a shiny toy instrument. The super bundle is priced at £150.00 and comes complete with the game, a guitar, a microphone and a drum kit.

The pre-order gift is described as an official Guitar Hero 3 bass “for the PS3.” This doesn’t indicate whether the offer is open to bundles pre-ordered on other platforms, or if this is a PS3-exclusive offer, so we contacted Activision’s UK PR department for this clarification:

Right, every pre-order on every platform (PS3, 360, Wii and PS2) will get a free bass. Which is a great deal.

So, any of you UK’ers going to be looking into this when the game is released?

James Stephanie Sterling