Activision trademarks ‘Blur,’ we speculate and it’s ridiculous

It appears Activision’s trademark gnomes are on the move, as the publisher just filed for trademark of “Blur” on December 10 in connection with “computer game software.”

While we’d like to think that this is a Guitar Hero game centered around the English alternative rock band, that’s quite unlikely. Considering that they barely have enough hit singles to populate a “track pack,” we highly doubt that. It could, however, be a third-person shooter featuring Blur singer Damon Albarn, powered by Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare engine.

Or it could be a game where the main character runs really fast … Or it could be a racing game, because “Blur” sounds like a pretty good name for a racing game … Or it could be …

Hell, you tell us. If “Blur” actually does become a videogame product, what could it be?

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