Act surprised: DJ Hero sequel already being discussed

You didn’t honestly believe Activision was going to invest in a game featuring a large peripheral without intent to turn said game into a series, did you?

According to, both DMC Champion and DJ Qbert have been asked to consider making an appearance in a sequel to DJ Hero. Ordinarily, this would be fairly normal, but the debut game in this forthcoming franchise isn’t even out until the end of October.

Someone obviously has a considerable amount of faith in the DJ Hero brand. That someone is Activision CEO Mike Griffiths, who told the site he believes the game will let them reach “new genres and new music audiences” that Guitar Hero simply cannot target no matter how popular it is.

For a game like DJ Hero, it’s all about the music selection. The inclusion of Daft Punk has single-handedly pushed me into a buying mood, so it should be interesting to see if I’ll require further DJ Hero titles, or if one will be enough to satisfy rhythm game needs.

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