According to Steam stats, Tali is the most popular Mass Effect party member yet again

Garrus is next, but since he’s actually the best, there’s an error somewhere, surely

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is sparking a new interest in many prospective N7 fans, and re-sparked the passion of millions of folks who ate, slept, and breathed this series for years before it was put on ice.

And lo and behold, we’re back in the schoolyard talking about what companion is “best.” Well, now we have actual stats to help prove our cases. Enter Steam stats. There’s just so much to glean from this giant list, but for the most part, the achievements showcase just how many people started with the first Mass Effect; and how many dedicated fans have completed large chunks of Mass Effect 2.

But one of the most illuminating bits of data is easily the stats that deal with squadmates. According to the list, “Quarian Ally” (Tali) is the most popular achievement, with 54.6% of players at the time of publication  having completed five missions with her. This is a direct display of popularity, as folks favor her above any other party member.

In second, but deservingly of first, is Garrus, with the “Turian Ally” achievement hitting 51.9%. Next is Liara (Asari Ally) at 41.5%, then Wrex (Krogan Ally) at 37.8%, followed by Ashley (Soldier Ally) at 33.8%, and Kaiden (Sentinel Ally) at 33.5%. 

Although Garrus is my boy, if I had to put money on this list, this is exactly how I’d frame it. Tali is one of the most consistently beloved characters throughout the series, and one of the few (along with Garrus) with an arc going through all three games.

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