A Way To Trade, Washed Away quest guide for Tears of the Kingdom (Totk)

Tears of the Kingdom A Way To Trade, Washed Away guide

Come sail away, come sail away

Rebuilding Hyrule is an important task in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Undoing the damage dealt by the Upheaval isn’t just important for moral reasons, but because Link can net some very useful help, like in the side adventure A Way To Trade, Washed Away.

This side adventure in Tears of the Kingdom is specifically related to Lurelin Village. This coastal town is under pirate control when you first start the game, and you’ll need to clear it out and help rebuild it.

On top of the goods you get for the initial restoration, another shop can be restored in the center of town. It’s a valuable stall that will give you free resources at regular intervals. But you’ll first need to undertake a nautical excursion.

How to start A Way To Trade, Washed Away in TOTK

To kick the quest off, talk to Garini at the shop in Lookout Landing, in central Hyrule. If you’ve cleared out the enemies from Lurelin Village, Garini will decide to head back and open up his shop. Follow him and fast-travel back to Lurelin.

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Once there, you’ll find Garini out on a pier in the center of town. His boat was set adrift out to sea, likely towards Tenoko Island in the east. And he’ll need a new boat to set up his floating shop.

Where is Tenoko Island in TOTK?

Tenoko is out to the north-east, at the coordinates (3996. -3009, 0000). Note that it’s not Eventide Island, which is directly to the east of Lurelin. That infamous island houses some other quests, but you’ll need to head further north to reach Tenoko.

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Once you’re there, you’ll find several boats. You’ll also see some Zonai devices and capsules littered about too, which will be quite helpful for your voyage back to Lurelin.

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At this point in A Way To Trade, you’ll need to get at least one of these boats back to Lurelin Village. So you could, in theory, get just one boat back; I’ve seen a completion that uses just one. I, however, like a challenge.

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Once you have either your single boat or Zonai mega-yacht ready to sail, cast off. From here, it’s a relatively easy trip. I used the fans to generate some constant momentum, the steering unit to steer, rockets for a nice jump-start, and plenty of batteries. It’s a long trip, and make sure you watch out for the Soka Point peninsula that juts out.

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Navigate around that and into Lurelin Harbor to get a cutscene. Garini will take a boat (just one, no matter how many you bring, much to my chagrin) and build his new shop. You’ll also get a Star Fragment for your trouble.

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How to open Garini’s shop in Lurelin Village

Once it’s open and the village is fully restored, you’ve now unlocked a haven of resources. Garini will regularly restock items here, and as far as we can tell, it is completely free. He’ll just hand you stuff, no rupees required, and restock over time.

A Way To Trade, Washed Away is a great way to build up your Hyrule Compendium, or to just stock back up when you’re running low on supplies. On top of all the other valuables, this stall makes the Lurelin Restoration Project very, very handy to complete.

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