A Steam UI overhaul might be coming sooner than later

It was datamined a while ago

A user over on the Valve Time forum managed to grab some pictures of an Indigo 2017 talk hosted by Valve product designer Alden Kroll, which mostly deals with a newer, sleeker interface and new features like verification and direct distribution of games to curators without keys.

You’ll be able to “quickly launch right back into recent games,” use more discovery options for games that have events going, and the “overall UI” is getting a new coat of paint. Other stats from the talk include the fact that English is the most-used language for the platform (followed by Korean), and that Steam has been growing steadily year after year since 2009.

Steam is pretty functional at the moment, but it’ll be nice to stare at something new for a while. I fully expect the next update, working on Valve Time, to come in another two decades.

Steam news from Indigo 2017 [Valve Time]

Chris Carter
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