A StarCraft HD remaster is supposedly in the works

Better resolution options and a UI upgrade

Will we see a StarCraft HD eventually? According to a new report, that seems to be the case.

The news comes from Korean outlet iNews24, which isn’t just a random rumor mill site, but a respected publication. “Multiple sources” have reported that Blizzard will reveal the game in September (presumably at the StarCraft II World Championship Series), which will sport enhanced resolution options and a reworked UI. “More details” will come in November at BlizzCon.

We can only assume that it will ship with Brood War, and if so, letting a new generation experience the original campaign all over again would be magical. It also holds up (I play it every so often along with Warcraft III — which also just got a compatibility patch), and Kotaku reports that the original is still in the top 10 Korean net cafe rankings even today.

Starcraft [iNews24 via Kotaku]

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