A recap of July’s Monthly Musings

Like Reverend Anthony, I too hate trying to come up with some kind of introductory paragraph. So lets get straight to the point, shall we? Here are all of last month’s promoted stories for July:

Not as many blogs were promoted for this Monthly Musing as in previous months. I noticed that a lot of the Musings that were done seemed to forget what the aim of A Cast of a Thousands was. We didn’t want to hear about the character that you focused on. Rather, we wanted to hear how you, yourself, were affected by said videogame character. Of course you needed to talk about the character, but what ended up happening was that 90% of the Musing was dedicated to the character and the last 10% talked about how the character affected the writer. 

This month’s theme is Instant Replay. Basically, what makes you go back to just one game and keep replaying it over and over again? Don’t forget to title your C Blog Instant Replay: whatever and tag your blog with the Monthly Musing tag.

This month’s theme is already off to a good start as two Instant Replay blogs have been created by Dead Movie Star and pedrovay2003.  

Hamza Aziz