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A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead is a narrative-driven first-person survival horror title launching later this year

Don't make a sound.

Publisher Saber Interactive has announced that A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead will be coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S later this year. The game takes the cinematic universe from the Quiet Place films you know and love, and crafts a narrative-driven adventure through an intense first-person perspective.

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Developed by Stormind Games, A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead takes what makes the franchise so fascinating and terrifying and brings it to PC and consoles where it can achieve the same levels of thrill and horror. It sees a young woman faced with the reality that she’s going to have to venture forth into the world from her place of safety, and somehow avoid the fast, sound-sensitive monsters that have all but wiped out humanity.

Embrace silence in a brand new A Quiet Place story in A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead

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A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead is a new story within the A Quiet Place universe that sees people try to cope with the new threat that suddenly lands on Earth. These monsters are well-armored and incredibly fast. They can’t see, but they react to any sound, quickly seek it out, and put a stop to it by breaking whatever is making it, including people.

Much like in Alien: Isolation and the A Quiet Place franchise as a whole, you’ll be sneaking past the giant predatory creatures and causing distractions to draw them away from you or where you want to go. A single noise could give you away, and if you’ve seen either of the movies, you know that spells doom for you.

To progress, you’ve got to work with the things you find in the environment. The game isn’t about beating the aliens, it’s about living to sneak under the next car or into the next building. Having watched the movies and adored them, I can’t wait to see how the tension translates into a game that puts you right in the heart of the most pulse-pounding bits of the action.

The game’s trailer looks interesting, and I can’t wait to experience the blend of survival and hide-and-seek gameplay combined with sections that force you out of your comfort zone to the point that it feels like you’re about to die. If done well, A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead could be another Alien: Isolation.

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