A Nintendo Direct is happening this week, will deal with ‘games launching in the first half of 2023’

The marquee ‘Direct’ is back

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We’ve had Xbox Directs, we’ve had Sony “Directs,” and pretty much everyone tries to shoehorn “Direct” into their streaming titles these days: but the prodigal son has returned. Nintendo is hosting a tried and true Nintendo Direct on February 8 at 5PM ET, which will run “roughly 40 minutes.”

Here’s the full rundown from Nintendo, since I know you Direct-heads love to get the full scoop:

“Tune in tomorrow, Feb. 8, at 2 p.m. PT for a Nintendo Direct livestream featuring roughly 40 minutes of information mostly focused on Nintendo Switch games launching in the first half of 2023.”

That’s basically everything I already recapped above: with no extra special provisos (like “X will not be shown”). 40 minutes is a meaty timeframe, and Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom does fit into that “first half” bit. For reference, the last proper Direct was held on September 13, 2022.

As far as what to expect, we’ll likely see a recap of things that were revealed in the last week, like Kirby’s Dream Land Switch additions, as well as the long-rumored final release date (or instant drop) of Advance Wars Switch. Fans have been waiting years to hear any major updates for Hollow Knight: Silksong, among other first-party games like Metroid Prime 4 and Pikmin 4.

Either way, tune in and follow along with the news on Destructoid’s front page on February 8. Covering these is like a reflex for us!

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