Everything shown at today’s Xbox & Bethesda Developer Direct

Xbox Developer Direct

Xbox’s spring plans are set in motion

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The curtains have closed on Xbox and Bethesda’s Developer Direct. The roughly 45-minute showcase spotlighted a taste of the year ahead for Xbox studios, running the gamut from updates on big launches to an out-now surprise.

It was, I think, a pretty solid showcase. Direct and to-the-point, the studios under Microsoft’s banner showed off just what’s in store in the coming months and year. Granted, this isn’t all that Xbox has in store; we didn’t see Starfield, though we knew we wouldn’t going in.

This felt like a nice check-in for the new year. A few games finally locked in their release dates, the Forza team at Turn10 got to show off their rad tech, and Tango Gameworks dropped a surprise. Here’s the rundown.

Everything shown at the Xbox & Bethesda Developer Direct

Minecraft Legends kicked the show off with a spotlight on its multiplayer. I’ll admit, while the action-RPG hadn’t hooked me in before, the build-and-battle set-up of its PvP looks like it could be fun. Brawling with mobs and ransacking the enemy’s base, or forging an impenetrable fortress of your own, could be a good time for gaming groups with disparate tastes. Mojang and Blackbird Interactive’s new Minecraft spin-off arrives April 18, 2023.

Next came the Forza Motorsport team, highlighting the work its putting into the next Motorsport entry. No date on this yet outside 2023, but the cars look and sound great. Big fan of the red convertible Mazda they highlighted during the stream.

Tango Gameworks was next on the mic, and they used their time to reveal Hi-Fi Rusha departure from their usual horror-inspired games. It’s a rhythm-action game with a ton of style and color, and if you like the look, I have great news for you: it’s out now on Xbox Series X|S and PC. A nice little “out now” surprise!

The Elder Scrolls Online revealed that its next expansion, Necrom, is on the way. It’s a very Morrowind expansion, set in the Dunmer City of Dread. And what’s more, all previous expansions will be free for a limited time. Seems like a decent thing to check out if you can’t wait for Elder Scrolls VI.

Lastly, Arkane Austin took the stage with Redfallits vampire-infested RPG-shooter. The co-op action looks solid, and there’s a lot of town to retake from the dreaded horrors. It won’t be long until your party can venture into Redfall either, as the new Arkane adventure arrives on May 2, 2023.

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