A new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer is coming soon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer

June 1 at 9AM ET

We’ve been waiting for news on the pair of games for a while, and The Pokemon Company has finally announced that a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer is on the way

The news comes via a tweet from the official Pokemon UK account, and we have an actual date/time: June 1 at 9AM ET. For clarity, you can find the trailer here on the official Pokemon YouTube account. The tweet suggests turning on notifications, and hasn’t provided a live stream link.

All we have to go on at the moment is that it will feature “the latest on Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet,” and that it seemingly isn’t a lengthy showcase. Historically, these types of reveals involve narrated trailers, sometimes upward of 10 minutes or more in length, which showcase some of the game’s locales, creatures, and features.

The current hope is that the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer puts its best foot forward, showcasing potential future developments that feel like an evolution of the series: rather than resting on the laurels of Sword and Shield. In the wake of Pokemon Legends, it feels imperative that they actually highlight significant changes and upgrades, as people will be expecting it.

Based on what they’ve shown so far though, those expectations aren’t super high.

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