A more intimate look at Burnout Paradise’s Legendary Cars

We told you about the Legendary Car Pack (available starting tomorrow) for Burnout Paradise the other day, and as expected, many of you ate it up. But, that was before we knew what the pricing for the DLC would be like. Admittedly, the cars are going to be a bit pricier than most of us had predicted.
The Jansen 88 Special, as seen above, will be the most expensive of the bunch, and will go for $3.99 (320 Microsoft Points). The other three cars are going to sell for $1.99 (160 MS Points) each, or you can purchase the entire set together for $7.99 (600 MS Points).
If pictures aren’t enough to sell you on these new cars, there are also videos for each of the vehicles located after the jump. Personally, I think the Jansen 88 Special is enough to satisfy my craving.
Carson GT Nighthawk

Hunter Manhattan Spirit

Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger
Jordan Devore
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