A jailed worm and a blood puddle define Quake Champions’ newest map

Introducing Blood Covenant

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Bethesda will have a pretty big presence at PAX East this weekend. The Maryland-based publisher is going to Boston with Prey, Quake Champions, The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, and The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Only one of those titles will have convention-goers fragging each other, though.

Ahead of the show’s start, Bethesda shared a walkthrough of a new Quake Champions map that PAX East players will get to go hands-on with. It’s called “Blood Covenant” and it seems to be some sort of ancient cathedral. The stained glass windows are a good indication of that.

But, the scary jail worm in the basement is a counter-argument to this being a normal church. So is the vat of blood in the middle of the map. And the hollowed-out carcass hanging in the corner.

Some people are comparing this to Quake Live‘s “Campgrounds,” which seems like an apt parallel upon first glance. It’s tough to tell with the quick cuts in the trailer but a lot of similar elements are there. Albeit, there are modifications. We don’t know the exact placement of everything, and the pentagram appears to have turned into the aforesaid blood pool.

We’ll know more about “Blood Covenant” this weekend. We have boots on the ground in Boston, and one pair of those boots is going to see how Quake Champions is shaping up. 

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