A full recap of the August 2022 Pokemon Presents stream

August 2022 Pokemon Presents

New info on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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The Pokemon Company showed off the August 2022 Pokemon Presents stream today, and gave us a few updates on events, spinoffs, and core titles.

Here’s what you need to know!

August 2022 Pokemon Presents 2

August 2022 Pokemon Presents big news:

  • The Pokemon World Championships will be held on August 18-21 in London in person with “thousands of players from around the world” competing (with card game, video game, and Pokken Tournament elements). Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite are part of the festivities too.
  • Pokemon Go is running an event in Sapporo, Japan, featuring Ultra Beasts, and the Pokemon Go Fest finale is on August 27. Daily adventure incense has been added, once a day, for 15 minutes (it can attract legendary Pokemon).
  • The team reiterated the Pokemon Unite first anniversary event details, while the Pika-Party event starts today (all Pokemon, wild and players, are dressed as Pikachu, including the raid boss). Buzzwole is also making it in on time today, August 3. More events are coming in September.
  • Pokemon Masters EX is celebrating its third anniversary with some events. The trainer lodge, a big content update, is arriving in August.
  • Mewtwo is returning to the Pokemon Cafe Remix entry, with a one-minute cooking mode. Latias is in today, with Latios coming later.
  • We got a new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The legendaries were front and center, and will function as mounts that can fly, sail, run around, and drive as a motorcycle of sorts. Multiplayer was a huge focus of the trailer, as was an in-game lore Treasure Hunt event, and a new “treasure-like” form of Pokemon (Terrastalize). A new Pikachu distribution event is confirmed. You can find more info on the Scarlet and Violet portion of the presentation here.

That’s it! No big announcements, season pass/post-launch info for Scarlet and Violet, or anything like that. Just a quick recap of some other projects, and a focus on the above info for the next mainline entry.

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