A fourth Gears of War book is on the way

Yes, yes — I am a fangirl for Gears of War.

I love the games, but above all, I adore the books. Three books in the series are currently on sale, with the third — Anvil Gate — hitting our shelves only a few weeks ago on August 31. The books, written by Karen Traviss, are amazing. They take what the game provides in the way of history, characters, and story to a much richer and deeper place.

The fourth book, Gears of War: Coalitions End, is apparently set between the third book, Anvil Gate, and the soon to be released Gears of War 3. No specific details on the story have been released; Gears of War: Coalitions End is due for release on March 1st, 2011.

I may or may not have read the third book twice already.

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