A Final Fantasy XIII book is on the way

Japan gets Final Fantasy XIII on December 17th, and I’ll be damned if my toes don’t curl with jealousy just thinking about it. After all, it’ll surely be quite a while since I get to play it, and my half-baked Japanese skills are not ready for the import just yet. Here’s an interesting thing for a Final Fantasy launch though: Square Enix announced that they will be publishing a web-based novelization of the events leading up to the game. Backstory?

Penned by Jun Eishima and titled Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero, the story will be split into multiple parts. The first installment, called “Encounter”, should be out sometime later this month. I agree with IGN that fan translations ought to pop up fairly soon, so don’t despair if your Japanese reading skills aren’t so hot. Interesting, at any rate. I wonder if it will be any good?

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