74 percent of UK mums think gaming is educational

Good for you, UK moms. This data comes from a new Microsoft Play Safe, Play Smart study, which, according to Microsoft, “uncovers the differing views of parents and children when it comes to attitudes to safe gaming.”

Microsoft-only survey or not, it’s nice to hear that some parents have open minds, though I don’t think that most of the games their kids are playing are that educational these days. I suppose that ‘headshots kill faster’ is a valid lesson.

As a person that plays games daily for a living, I can say that I haven’t learned sh*t from games in a long time. Oh well. Don’t tell mum.

Here’s more data from the same study pulled from UK parents:

  • 61% think that games are a good social experience
  • 52% think games bring families together
  • 73% are aware of parental controls on consoles
  • 94% feel responsible for checking ratings
  • 80% think gaming is “a vital component in a balanced blend of modern and traditional entertainment” 

I wonder how these numbers would compare to that of US parents. I don’t think our numbers would be as favorable.

[Via CVG]

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