7/11 Canada is hosting a Switch giveaway with Link’s Awakening Slurpee cups


File this under the “I’m jealous as hell” category. 7/11 Canada has teamed up with Nintendo to host a Switch Lite console giveaway that includes Link’s Awakening themed Slurpee cups. Goddammit, why don’t I live in Canada? You’ll need to be a member of the “7Rewards” loyalty program and scan barcodes on the cups to earn entries for the contest.

If you don’t care about winning the console, you can actually purchase one from EB Games and get 10 medium Slurpees for free. I don’t think those include the amazing cups, but that’s still something for your troubles. Some other prizes are also up for grabs, which include a download code for Link’s Awakening and various amounts of eShop credits. The contest will be running until November 3, 2019, with winners being announced every week. You can find out the full details here.

Nintendo Contest Page [7-Eleven Canada]

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