512 GB MicroSD card coming, could be used on Switch

Wait for the specs first

Despite the fact that it could use a bit more internal storage out of the box, the fact that the Switch uses standardized MicroSD cards is a blessing. I’m thinking back to the horror of picking up proprietary Vita memory cards, shivering at the idea of buying  them marked up and one day, out-of-print/circulation.

While folks have been getting by with low to mid capacity MicroSD cards so far, a few of the power users (or people who cover the Switch professionally) have been running low on space. Enter high capacity cards.

European-based Integral Memory will be introducing a 512GB microSDXC solution, with a 80MB/s transfer speed. It’s not on the high-end that’s for sure, so you’re definitely going to want to wait for more specs to see if it’s going to gel with a gaming system (and can deal with the strain of reading and writing data constantly) before you pull the trigger.

The most important takeaway from this? The MicroSD industry is moving toward bigger and better cards, so when you need one, they’ll likely be there (and cheaper over time as firms push into 1TB territory).

UK’s Integral Memory is First to Market with the Largest Capacity microSD Card [Business Wire]

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