41% of gamers rely on word-of-mouth for information

An interesting new study by The NPD Group suggests that a significant number of gamers rely on word of mouth to obtain game information and make purchasing decisions, with 41% of those surveyed learning about gaming from acquaintances as opposed to marketing and magazines.

In fact, as little as 5% of the survey takers stated that advertising had any effect on them whatsoever. After word of mouth, hands-on playtime at the homes of friends and family were noted as the second biggest influence on modern gamers. The numbers vary according to platform, but the results seem to point in the same direction.

It’s quite amusing to consider that for all the money pumped into online advertising, gimmicky marketing campaigns and exclusive magazine reviews, it’s the traditional and old-fashioned methods of publicity that work the best. Friends telling friends, and personal playtime cannot be beaten if this survey is to be belived. Makes you wonder why half of the people in PR even have the jobs they have.

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