3D Realms is teasing a new game on the Quake engine

All that chunky goodness

3D Realms is teasing a brand shooter built on the original Quake engine. Set to reveal tomorrow, the possibilities are endless for what this new game might be. It obviously isn’t Quake 5, but there is a very real chance that it might be something related to 3D Realms’ back catalog. I’m trying to convince myself it isn’t Duke Nukem (especially since Gearbox still owns that IP), but the recent inclusion of the character in Rad Rodgers is getting my hopes up.

Whatever this game ends up being, it will certainly be old-school and right up my alley. With this, Amid Evil, and Ion Maiden coming out in 2019, I might be in retro shooter heaven.

3D Realms [Twitter]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.