3D printing has come a long way: this person printed their own Switch stand and Joy-Con grip

But can you 3D print happiness?

We’re in an age of choices. It’s hard to think back to when there were just a few giants battling it out (Sega and Nintendo, or Sony and Nintendo), but there are so many platforms and controller options now (like VR) that it can get overwhelming. When you add 3D printing into the mix, it’s straight up daunting.

But reddit user SpitFiya7171 managed to pare the behemoth that is 3D printing down and used its power for good, crafting their own Switch accessories. Basically, they managed to create their own custom controller grip for the Switch (if you don’t dig it cool, but they probably do since they printed it), as well as a stand for their actual Switch unit in tabletop mode. My favorite project of theirs? The individual Joy-Con holsters.

If you’re curious and have a 3D printer, the creator says they used Hatchbox PLA 3D filament, and estimates that the stand cost them around 12 cents to make. The Switch grip, found on the popular 3D printer site Thingiverse is here and the adjustable stand is here. As for the printer, they used the Creality CR-10S, which retails for roughly $450 or more. Since you’re probably wondering, the game in the screen is Diablo III.

3D printing is truly amazing. What a time to be alive! [Reddit]

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