3D Dot Game Heroes mixes sprites with high res

Oh, From Software … you really know how to make me drool. Their newest PS3 title, called 3D Dot Game Heroes, takes the cool blockiness of sprites and gives it the high resolution treatment for amazing results. Described as an RPG style title in which a king decides the world should be in 3D, it’s your job to deal with retruning it to normal. Problem is, when things look this badass … who needs to change em back?

Joystiq reports that the game will be out in Japan this November, but there is no US release date as of this time. Don’t tell me you fellow retro freaks aren’t wetting your pants with anticipation to give this a whirl! For now all you can do is go check out the selection of screens on the official webpage and lick the monitor. A lot of From Software games have made it to the US, includingthe upcoming PS3 title Demon’s Souls. In fact, this looks like just the sort of thing Atlus would pick up for US distribution. Ahem … Atlus?

Colette Bennett