360 Avatar screens reveal Gears of War clothing

I remember when I first heard avatars were coming to the 360, I didn’t have much of a reaction, but I will admit now that I have one I do enjoy changing it’s clothes from time to time. Microsoft must see a lot of people responding well to the avatars, if the new clothing that’s coming with the August 11th NXE update is any indication: there are a total of 136 new items coming that you can dress yours in.

There are lots of interesting additions, but surely one of the most popular ones will be Gears of War duds, which you can see even more of in the gallery. There’s also beach clothing, Tokidoki t-shirts and skate decks, pirate clothing and tons more. I know I will probably grab one of those Tokidoki tees since I’m a pretty big fan of the brand. At any rate, you can’t say there isn’t a lot to choose from!

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